When Are You Done Grieving

There is ample information today on the process of grieving. All you have to do is pick up any book and therein you will find instructions for grieving.

Some information can bring clarity to the grieving process; too much information brings only confusion. This confusion can add unnecessary weight to your grief.

The sole authority concerning your grief is you. No one else can experience your grief. No one else can walk in your shoes. Others may have empathy to some degree, but the grief is yours, only you know the depth and pain of it.

If you, in your grief, are able to function with the affairs of daily living, then you are doing okay. Grief is now part of your life. The pain will lessen with time and life will continue. Your grief, your sense of loss will always be with you.

Sorry for Your Loss

Often heard, “Sorry for your loss” is a thought expressed by those who are sorry that you have sorrow in your life…that someone you cared for is gone.

The words “lost” and “gone” express reality in the fact that a physical presence is no longer here. The truer reality is that your loved one is never gone as long as you have a heart that loves and remembers when you walked together.

When You Least Expect It

Crying when someone dies is expected. It is hard to find a dry eye during those early days of grieving. As time goes by, tears come and go. The heart adjusts to the loss, but nothing is ever the same. Someone is missing, that doesn’t change.

Grieving, like loving, lasts a lifetime. Eventually, you learn to laugh again, to lose yourself in a given moment, to celebrate and appreciate life and those around you. In time, the sun shines again, but like a sudden shower on a warm summer’s day, tears of grief start to flow…when you least expect it. Grief, like love, lasts a lifetime.

The River of Life

The river of life flows as it should.

Our days come and go like moments in time.

For each of us there was a time in our life’s when, if we could have, we would have stopped the river of life. We found a place in our lives where everything was just right, where we could have stayed forever. Oh! If we could have stopped time in the sunshine of that moment.

But, the river of life flows as it should. Our days come and go like moments in time. One generation passes away, and another generation comes; but the earth abides forever. (Ecclesiastes 1:4)

Each Beat of Your Heart

It is a hard road to walk when you are without the presence of one you care deeply about. Your loved one may not be physically here with you, but their memory is and each beat of your heart says, “I love you.”