A Special Bear

017At first glance, a memory bear looks pretty much like any 22” stuffed teddy bear. The difference is; a memory bear is created from the personal clothing of your loved one who has passed away. This is how a bear truly becomes a memory bear.

Memory Bears are therapeutic, but you will never believe until your personal memory bear is in your arms. Before you realize it, you’re hugging this new friend…smiling through your tears remembering the one who wore the clothes.

For all of us, remembering a loved one is bitter-sweet. The pain becomes tolerable, the heartache lessens, but the tears of remembering will always be there. Some days a smile to warm your heart, other days some tears to soften the pain. For some, there is a memory bear to hold and hug as you remember.

How Do You Go On

When a spouse passes, esp. after many years of marriage, it seems inconceivable that there can be life ahead. The absence of your partner in life can be overwhelming. Focusing on a reason to go on is most important. There is family…kids, grands, greats; all hurting in their own way, all needing you even more now.

How do you go on? One breath at a time, one moment at a time, one day at a time…all the while knowing that he or she would want you to keep on keeping on. Where there was two, now there is one to carry on…to be there for family.

Memory Bears for Christmas

Toms bear 6Each year, there is an increase in Memory Bear requests related to the Christmas season. It is the hardest time to go through, especially when grieving is fresh. Having a Memory Bear to hold and hug can make all the difference.

For a Little While


Each moment of each day,

I think of you.


Each time I awake,

And you’re not here.


When the phone rings,

And it isn’t you.


After I come home,

And the house is quiet.


The school bus goes by,

Cause you’re not on it.


Sorting through the mail,

No letter from you.


Each moment of each day,

I miss you.


I thank God for the time we spent together,

Without that I could not remember,

That for a little while in this life,

I had a glimpse of heaven.


Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved

My Prayer For You Today

I hope wherever you are today, the sun is shining. Nevertheless, if it be raining, let it be as God’s grace to soften the hurt within. I pray for you a day filled with blessings from above. May night find you at peace with all things. May you sleep in His care. Amen.

“Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength…”(Isaiah 40:31)