The Miracle of Life

Life is a miracle, from birth to death. If you were to take the time and discover all of the intricate details to the whole of creation, you would be rendered speechless.

Life is to be celebrated, to be appreciated. There are times when we wonder about all of that, times when the loss of a loved one makes living seem pointless without them. We have a hard time imagining life without them.

At this time, is when life should matter most of all. You see, it is by living we honor our loved ones, it is by living we celebrate their lives through our own. We get up each day and we remember them. We live each day for them. We make them proud.


2 responses to “The Miracle of Life

  1. Your words give me strength, Bonnie. The holidays are near and it will be so hard without my David. Still, I must go on as I promised him I would.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

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