A Hospice Heart

On Thursday last, I wrote about Hospice and of course, gave the field of care great reviews. One of the comments that day troubled me, as it was someone who did not have a good experience with hospice when her husband was dying. That hurts me.

I sent an email to her and apologized for her sad experience with hospice. There are no do-overs for her. Her husband is gone and the memories of his last days on earth have been over-shadowed by a poor hospice experience.

Unfortunately, there are hospice companies and staff members out there who have no business representing the hospice concept. I have experienced them, both professionally and personally. It isn’t a perfect world, but when it comes to caring for the dying, we need to get as close to perfect as possible.

There is a saying in the hospice field that “Hospice is not a job…it’s a calling.” This means that there is something inside that brings you to hospice…we call it a “Hospice Heart.” Caring for the dying and their family is not an easy task…it takes a special caring individual to make the hospice experience work right.

To this family and others like them, I extend my deepest and heart-felt sympathy that when your loved one was dying, the care did not meet hospice standards. It angers me…it hurts me…it saddens me to even think poor care in hospice could take place.

To those without a “hospice heart” calling, I say, “Get a job in a factory.” To those with a “Hospice Heart”, I say, “Thank you, for you are making a difference.”


4 responses to “A Hospice Heart

  1. Bonnie, I will always remember you and how good you were to my brother Joe and to all of us. Love, Elaine

  2. I believe it takes a special type of person to be a caretaker at a hospice. I know I couldn’t do it and I am grateful for those who do it well.

  3. This is a sad story. It makes me wonder if hospice talks with the family, makes sure they understand that hospice is for the terminal?
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  4. As an 11th hour hospice volunteer I say to you WONDERFUL!!!! You said it so well Bonnie.

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