What Could Have Been

The death of a loved one is hard under any circumstance. When the loved one is a child, it is the hardest of all. To say goodbye to someone with their whole life in front of them is beyond words.

Many are faced with losing a child. Parents, siblings, family and friends are devastated. Why did this child have to die? What might have been? What could have been? Questions that come to mind; questions without answers.

There are so many things we don’t understand in this life; so many things that we don’t have answers for. If you have been affected by the death of a child, I hope that you have faith to carry you through this valley.

Faith is the strength needed to continue without answers. Faith is the mindset that protects from bitterness and despair. Faith is the answer to what could have been as Faith helps you to celebrate as you remember a life lived.


2 responses to “What Could Have Been

  1. Although I have not lost a child, my brother died and father died when I was 14 and a few years later my mother, to many in such a short space of time. But your words remind me of my mother and the strength she found somehow to go on after my brother was killed in an accident. Thank you for your ministry to reach out to those whose hearts are breaking. Hugs – Patty

  2. I am SO sorry for your loss. You are an incredible spirit. May God bless you and help you find peace and comfort in this world and a joyous reunion in the next.

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