Freedom Has A Price

Standing graveside, hearing the sound of silence as the flag ruffles in the breeze. A handful of mourners huddle nearby, while the honor guard is at the ready. The preacher, bible in hand, prays near the open grave. Another soldier finds her rest.

~a soldier’s voice~

Looking back, I can see how different things would have been had I made decisions other than those I made. It is obvious how my path would have taken me in an entirely different direction. I look back, now, wondering if I made the right choice.

Then, again, I believe I did. We never know where life will take us or where the journey will end. All we can do is serve the best we know how, and then let God have the final say. I am proud my life was given that you could be free.

Live your life well. Make me proud.


2 responses to “Freedom Has A Price

  1. Freedom needs constant attention and loving care or we will lose it.

  2. “Freedom isn’t free – someone pays for you and me.” Every American needs to be aware of this truth.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

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