Therapy of the Bears


Six memory bears have found their homes for Christmas. Through the tears of loss, the memories flow as the bears quietly begin their therapy. The grieving process is a life-long journey, a life without a loved one in it as they were, but now, in your hearts. The memory bears are there for you to hold and hug, as you remember.


I was privileged to deliver six memory bears to a family today. Only one of the bears will be presented before Christmas day, the rest will be given as gifts to family members at Christmas. I know in my heart that they will be smiling through their tears when they see the memory bears, holding and hugging them as they remember their loved one.

God, thank you for letting me be a part of this experience.



6 responses to “Therapy of the Bears

  1. This is so beautiful! I wish I had know about this 5 years ago when my grandpa passed. My mom would have loved to have one made from his flannel work shirts.

  2. I remember giving my kids their bears last year. I couldn’t wait to give each of them the bear you had made for them.

  3. good work! your heart is in it

  4. “…the bears quietly begin their therapy.” This is so true, David’s Bear is here for me every day.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. As the recipient of these six lovely bears, I can’t tell you how happy and thrilled I am that I will be delivering these Christmas Eve to my mom (who already picked hers), my sister, her kids and my dad’s brother who will all receive a bear. They were made with my dad’s flannel shirts. We lost my dad last year, right after Christmas. How blessed we are that Bonnie does this loving work and my dad’s memory will live on through these beautifully crafted bears.
    ~ Debby Lynch

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