All We Have is This Moment

“The young boy loved his parents and did not know what he would do if they were no longer here. He felt his life was always this way and always would be. There was a comfort of knowing that everything was okay and nothing could harm him.”

 We never know what may happen this day or any day. The best we can do is to have a positive outlook and to love and hug those we care about. Never part with cross words between you…”never let the sun set on your anger”.

All we have is today…all we have is this moment.


3 responses to “All We Have is This Moment

  1. You are so right in what you say, Bonnie. Still…

    There are times in life when our human-less gets in the way and we must pray to overcome the pain that creates anger.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  2. I think that I would have kept more of my son’s clothing had I thought about something like this–making memory bears. I’m sure that his siblings would have loved having a part of something that was close to him at one time, close to them. In memory of Caleb Daniel Brule (2/26/07-8/20/08).

    May God bless your work.
    With Hope,

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