Being Able to Let Go

Loving someone is a wonderful emotion. We picture happiness and laughter, warm nights by the fire and enjoying life together. We vow, “for better or for worse, through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer…until death do us part.”

The last thought we hold onto is, “until death do us part.” We promise to spend life together, but we also promise to let go when the time comes. Loving someone for life turns out to be the easy part…being able to let go is the most difficult time.

Cherish each day with your family.


One response to “Being Able to Let Go

  1. To let go is really the hard part. Holding on may be tough at times, but letting go is always the toughest part.
    Well, the tough always gets going, even after the going gets tough.
    Life goes on with it’s ups and downs, but those that are tough enough not to hold on to material things and not to put their trust in humans that can pass away, often get going.
    True thoughts.

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