One Look and They Knew

This past Friday, two of my cousins came to visit. I had not seen them in a couple of years, so it was a welcome visit. There was a lot to talk about…to remember.

Their mother passed away in 2010. The past two years have been hard for them without their mother here. We talked about Betty (their mom) and began to recall stories and facts forgotten. There was remembering…there were tears.

Shortly after Betty died, I offered to make a memory bear for each of them. They said they would think about it, but never did decide to have the bears made. While they were here, I gave them a tour of the memory bear room where all the memory bears are made. I showed them a memory bear that I use to show someone what a memory bear is…the reaction was priceless.

They smiled and you could see it in their eyes…this memory bear could be made from their mother’s clothing and they would be able to hold and hug their bear as they remembered their mom. Soon, they will have their own memory bear.


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