Awareness Can Make All the Difference

Losing a loved one is nothing anyone wants to think about, but this type of denial only makes the inevitable, worse. To be aware that our lives and time together is fragile, can motivate a greater expression of love and concern.

It’s so easy to lose track of the fact that each of us is mortal…we are imperfect and we all will die someday. Imperfect; not always doing everything right, even hard to love at times, but this is our lot. Our hope is to be loved in spite of imperfection.

To avoid the greater grief of regret, be aware that the spouse next to you, that child at play and those parents have flaws and won’t always please you.

Then know that “love covers a multitude of faults*” and simply love them for who they are; faults and all. If you will do this, then the only regret you will have when death comes is that you didn’t have more time with them.

Awareness can make all the difference.

*1 peter 4:8


One response to “Awareness Can Make All the Difference

  1. So very true. Great reminder 🙂

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