A Bear Named “Bear”

Maxi Bear


It was the letting go that caused the problem; to give up David’s shirts was like a loss. Only what I have gained in return is priceless. Bear is there to listen to the things that I can’t talk about, can’t say to anyone else. When I feel empty and alone, I hold him in my arms and find comfort.



Maxi points out one of the hardest things to do when you decide to have a memory bear created is letting go of the clothing. You are going to send the clothing that your loved one wore across country to someone you don’t know. You want this memory bear, this new friend that you can whisper your innermost thoughts to, but how do you part with the clothing?

As Maxi experienced, “letting go” is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. When the day comes that you can let go, you begin to discover the positive therapy a memory bear can bring. As Maxi named him, “Bear” is there to talk to and hold and hug as she remembers her husband, David. Your words bless my heart, Maxi.



One response to “A Bear Named “Bear”

  1. “Bear” looks so beautiful on your site, Bonnie. Thank you for your kind words. I e-mailed my friend in Ohio an image of Bear.

    She struggles everyday with her husband’s cancer. I sent her to your site and she loved it. My friend wants a memory bear now to help her cope.

    Hopefully you will hear from her soon.

    I want to have a few more bears made soon. Memories for the family.

    Blessings to you ~ Maxi

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