Rik and Sara’s Story


An awesome story related to me by Debra, (Rik’s daughter)…

“My dad’s granddaughter picked her bear, the black and gray one. Then my sister found this picture of my dad holding her as a baby, the first day she was born, in that same shirt!!! Sara picked the bear that was the shirt he wore the day she was born!!! I knew you’d love this! Below is the picture of my dad, holding her in the shirt you made the bear from! Its a little blurry as it is in a frame on my mom’s wall.”

(picture was found after the granddaughter made her choice.)

Rik and Sara Debras Dad

The granddaughter is pictured below…in front, on the right.

debbies bears

 The bear she chose is pictured below…in the back, on the right.


When I received this account of how the granddaughter picked the memory bear made from the same shirt that her grandfather was wearing in the picture of him holding her as a baby, well…you just have to marvel at the wonders of God that surround us.



3 responses to “Rik and Sara’s Story

  1. This is an amazing story, Bonnie. The wonders of God and life.
    My mail needs to go to new address: maxi.malone8@gmail.com
    Thank you and Blessings ~ Maxi

  2. That is so amazing. God is so awesome.

  3. It was a message from above for sure! Thank you Bonnie for all you do to make such miracles happen.
    ~ Deb Lynch
    (Blonde wearing black shirt above) 😉

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