Crossing Over

White River bridge Newport ARIn a hospice setting when death is eminent, the patient is actively dying. The family and staff slowly let go as the patient begins to move beyond where they can follow.

He/she can still hear them and is comfortable, but the journey through the valley of death is almost over.

The patient is in no distress as family and friends gather nearby to watch and pray and speak their final goodbyes. One of the voices will quietly give the loved one permission to die. They are now in God’s hands as they cross over.

Not written to be depressing, but to present the essence of what a hospice staff would call a good death…peaceful with no pain. Let hospice be there for you.


3 responses to “Crossing Over

  1. One of our church members recently passed away (she was 92). The last several weeks of her life she received hospice care in her home. After being unconscious for several days, she opened her eyes, which were filled with tears, and with a smile on her face said “goodbye” to her family. Then she immediately took her last breath. I wonder what she saw that apparently brought such joy to her heart…

  2. The patient is in no distress. These words give me so much comfort as I still see and feel my David in his last days in hospice.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  3. Well written and so true. It is not depressing for a loved one to go quietly beyond our earthly place.

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