I Never Imagined Things Would Change

bonniegirlEverything around me as a small child was comfort to me. The grade school years brought no threats to my safe and secure environment. High school offered more challenges, but my life and surroundings were intact. The warm summer sun was shining on all that I knew and life was good. It was a time of forever.

I never imagined things would change, but change they did: subtle at first, then more noticeable with each month…with each year. My parents are gone, then my two brothers, one by one; then, recently, I lost my son. You wake up one morning and the elderly image in the mirror provides a jolt of reality to your nostalgic mind.

For the young, be aware that life passes with the swiftness of a mountain stream, but it is only in looking back that you notice. Everything and everyone you see won’t always be there. With each passing day, things change. The lesson here for all is to make every moment of the journey count and the younger you begin, the better.


One response to “I Never Imagined Things Would Change

  1. Very well said Bonnie. I lost 5 family members in 8 years. For me, I see the passage of time in my kids. My baby is a young man – smart, responsible, kind, and independent. My sweet girl who was born with little hair now has locks down past her waist. Nothing stands still. Take care

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