Until the Well Runs Dry



We turn a switch and there is power to light, to heat, to cool, to operate. We turn on a tap and we have water to quench our thirst. It all becomes commonplace.

Family, kids, and friends become much like those switches and taps in our life. They are always there. They, too, become commonplace.

We have a well of conveniences and treasures in our life every day. Are we aware of that or will it take the well to run dry before we notice, before we appreciate what we have each day? For that’s when will miss them.


One response to “Until the Well Runs Dry

  1. I’ve said so many times that I never realized what an impact my mom made on my life until she was gone. And then I felt empty and lost. She was the silent force in my life and my never-ending source of support.

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