Who Could Imagine?

Eileens Bears 2

An order for 10 memory bears is completed and shipped “Priority!” Now, I move on to the next order for another grieving family is waiting for the therapy a memory bear will bring. Life is fragile from day to day. Who could imagine?

When this Memory Bear ministry started, I was in the early days of grieving for our son, Jon. Cancer took him from us at age 45. I know what it is to grieve. Having worked in hospice, I remember the faces, the stories, the tears, the hopes and dreams of each family whose cases I worked on. I will never forget them.

If you find these pages and you wonder if there is any sincerity within or is it just another business, imagine sitting with me as I create bears in memory of a 2 year old, a 38 year old mom, a husband, a wife, a new baby, a brother, a sister, a grandparent and the varied list of families grieving goes on.

I look back at the memory bears I have created and I smile through my tears as I feel the grieving involved in each family. Memory Bears is my ministry.

Cherish those around you, for better or worse. They won’t always be there, nor will you. Make use of the time God has given you. And if you would, pray for this ministry. Who could imagine what life holds around the next turn in life’s path.


4 responses to “Who Could Imagine?

  1. Your bears are wonderful, Bonnie. There is another family today who will cherish their bears and thank you for the gift you have given them.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. Thank you for your ministry. I sew too, but could never do what you are doing with the love you give. God gives each of us our own special ministry and richly blesses each.

  3. Bonnie,

    Thanks again for making us these bears, they should arrive today, and I can’t wait to see them in person!


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