You Are With Me


Grief is an experience for community, for family and friends to share, for others to show they care. In its truest sense, grief is an individual experience.

The expression of grief takes many forms. Most cry, some don’t. At times, there is anger, denial and a sense of hopelessness. There is pain. There is loneliness. There is loss. There is the wonderment of, “What will I do now?”

We each could write a book about our grief; one for a spouse, one for a child, one for a parent, a brother or a sister, a friend. Though we have our individual grief, we are a community, together. Remember that! You are never alone.

Though I walk through the valley of death, You are with me.



One response to “You Are With Me

  1. I love to come to your site and see “David’s Bear” Bonnie. We had company yesterday and everyone was introduced to Bear. They had lots of questions as to how I got Bear.
    blessings ~ maxi

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