Sorry for Your Loss

arkansashillssunset“Sorry for your loss.” What else could I say? Their loved one had passed away and I wanted to show them that I care. I have heard people say, “Please accept my deepest sympathy.” That sounds okay, too. Maybe, saying I am sorry sounds as if I had something to do with the loss; like I did something wrong. Should I even be telling them that they have lost something? That will just make them feel worse. Maybe, I should have said something else. 

When someone you know experiences the death of a loved one, don’t worry about what words to say. It’s not so much the words as the thoughts behind them. Keep it Simple and Sincere!


One response to “Sorry for Your Loss

  1. A couple of weeks ago a neighbor lost his mother. My first words were, “I am so sorry … I can’t imagine your pain.”

    When I lost my husband eighteen months ago I rarely heard those words. “I know how you feel” is mostly what people would say.

    They meant well and were trying to console me but it actually upset me. It taught me that no one can know another person’s pain.
    blessings ~ maxi

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