Grieving for the Children

 With thoughts for all those who grieve for the children.

“Now, He didn’t give you that baby
No, not by a hundred thousand miles
He just thought you needed some sunshine
So. He lend him to ya for awhile.”

An excerpt from a story ‘bout a colored child’s funeral.

“And He let ya love and keep him
‘Til your hearts were big and grown
And these silver tears that your sheddin’
Why, they’re just interest on the loan.”

It was the story we chose to honor our one-year-old grandson, Titus, who we never had a chance to meet in this life. His final resting place is near our home.


4 responses to “Grieving for the Children

  1. Praying for healing and comfort for you. My mom passed away over 20 years ago and I still have “mommy moments”. That’s what I call it when I really miss her.

  2. What a lovely poem, and what a beautiful gift you are able to give others with your Memory Bears. I am moved and inspired by your ability to bring comfort in such a beautiful way!

  3. Sending you healing love. You will meet him in your forever home, God needed another angel.

  4. This is a heavy burden for you and Butch, Bonnie. How sad that you were not able to meet your grandchild. I love the poem.
    blessings ~ maxi

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