Never Thought About It

Growing up is a busy time with lots of action and distraction. As fast as the world revolves around its axis is the busyness in the days of youth and starting out in life on your own. There are so many things to do and so many places to see that there is hardly time to catch a breath…life is spinning like a child’s top.

Then, it seems without notice, parents and grandparents are gone. The stories they tried to tell, the information they attempted to leave behind are gone, too.

Now, there are albums filled with photos of strangers and questions without answers: so many photos, so many questions. Now, there is no one to ask, no one left that has the answers. Did life go that fast? Wasn’t there time to talk, to find out the answers while they were still here? Did they try, but found no ears to hear, no one interested in what they had to say?

Just never thought about it… until now.


One response to “Never Thought About It

  1. So sadly true. I see this as a value in blogging. Everything I write has some little part of me; a gem of who I am or a part of what I think and believe. Somewhere, out in ‘cyberspace’ a piece of me will continue to exist as long as there are computers, electricity, and desire to know.

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