Three Requests Arrive

Three packages arrived yesterday, each sent by families who have decided to remember their loved ones with a Memory Bear. Each package is placed in the shop and as I open each one, I remember what each family shared with me about their loved one and I smile, knowing how much these memory bears will mean to them, as I begin to plan the creation of each memory bear.


4 responses to “Three Requests Arrive

  1. When I worked in hospice I, too, found that Memory Bears were very comforting to those dealing with the loss of a loved one and helped in their healing process. It is wonderful that you are providing that comfort to others.

  2. Your heart is so filled with love Bonnie, I will always remember your kindness as we talked about “David’s Bear.”

  3. What a wonderful program you have. I am going to share your info with a friend today. Keep up Gods work he is smiling down on you.

  4. It is a beautiful ministry you have. May God always give you much joy in it.

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