Own Your Grief


Each one of us will experience the death of those we care about at various times in our lives. Each of us will grieve. The depth of that grief depends upon the relationship…the closer you were, the greater the grieving.

One thing to remember when grief comes your way; the grief belongs to you, alone. Others will be there to console you and some will understand, but no one owns your grief. The point is, no one can tell you when, how and how long to grieve. Don’t let that happen. Own your grief; protect it, for grieving is loving.



2 responses to “Own Your Grief

  1. Reblogged this on Exploring Life Microblog and commented:
    Good advice for the grieving…

  2. I agree with that to a point. For some their grieving becomes their god instead of letting Jesus be God of their grief.

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