No One


No one wants to say goodbye,

No one wants to sit and cry.

No one wants to be the one to leave,

No one wants to be the one to grieve.

 Life, as we want it, is to be happy and last forever. The sun should shine every day and the rain should stay away. Life, as we want it, would not work.

The clouds, the rain and the challenges must be part of life for without them there would be no beauty, no nourishment, no strength or growth.

Most of all, nothing lasts forever in this life. Cherish each moment while you can. Be thankful for each other…for the clouds and the rain; for the challenges of each day. When the goodbye’s come, no one can say, just do your very best each day.


One response to “No One

  1. This was the hardest concept to internalize in my widow’s grief. I wasn’t aware I had a feeling of entitlement, but I must have had. Thank you for this post.

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