Memory Bear Updates!


ben and anita bears

Finally, I have the website updated on the Front page, the Gallery and the Family Comments page with recent Memory Bear pictures and comments. The weekend was a good opportunity to accomplish this.

The Gallery page is getting very long. All pictures there can be enlarged by clicking on them. I try to show as much versatility as I can with the creation of a memory bear. Each bear becomes unique like each loved one represented. Each photo on the Gallery is a celebration of someone’s life.

Requesting a memory bear is a process for each family. There is hesitation and concerns that can only be resolved by talking on the phone. That is where each request takes place in a private and personal conversation.

Your memory bear is important to me, as your loved one is important to you. Every effort is made to provide you with support and assurance during the creation of your bear. Communication begins with a phone call and continues as necessary.

If you have been considering a memory bear, but are not sure or have questions, please feel free to call me. A little conversation can make a big difference.



One response to “Memory Bear Updates!

  1. Anyone that sews can make these, but you put a special love behind them that not every seamstress can do. Thank you for your ministry!

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