Hospice is Living

Too often, Hospice is associated with dying. Some patients and families think that Hospice encourages death when, in fact, the very opposite is true.

When patients come to Hospice, they are terminal with their disease process and there is no hope for recovery. Hospice actually extends their days in many cases if they receive the patient early enough. Hospice is about living.

The purpose of Hospice is to provide the best possible life each day, being as pain free and with the most alertness as possible. Each Hospice may say it different, but the resulting goals are the same. Hospice is the best choice when there is no other.

3 responses to “Hospice is Living

  1. Hospice was great for my mom who chose to spend her last days at home. As a nurse herself, she appreciated all hospice did for her and so did we. It takes a special person to do hospice. May God bless them all.

  2. My David’s bear is on the top right. “Bear” is the best thing I did for myself when he passed away.

    Hospice is the best thing I did for David before he passed away. It was not what we talked about, not what we intended or wanted. He was supposed to be at home.

    The most important piece of information I can pass on to others is this:
    Hospice home care and staying at a Hospice facility is NOT the same.

    Once I realized there were limits to home hospice the decision was immediate. I will never regret placing David in the Hospice facility.

    Although, David passed away at Hospice there are many who do not. They recover and go home.

    I hope this helps those who have to make the difficult decision about Hospice. A little research will help you understand the difference in home hospice and a hospice facility.

    blessings ~ maxi

  3. This past fall, I went with a music therapist from Hospice to visit two patients and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The music really helped take their mind off of the pain and brought back memories. It was so beautiful.

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