Sayin’ Goodbye

DSC01329 - Copy

these trembling hands wet with tears,

trying to crowd out my worst of fears,

crouching low ‘neath the drivin’ pain,

burdens heavy in the pourin’ rain.


screamin’ inside that can’t be heard,

not enough air to utter a word,

bodies achin’ numb from the pain,

feelin’ like I could go insane.


misery road has got to me now,

age is showin’ on my furrowed brow,

too much heartache has come this way,

nothin’ left to do but hope and pray.


child I’m saying with tears in my eye,

you know your momma don’t want to die.

but life’s roads ending for these weary feet,

their longin’ to walk on them golden streets.


 Copyright© 2013 Dean All Rights Reserved


2 responses to “Sayin’ Goodbye

  1. True and beautiful words.

  2. So powerful and at the same time vulnerable, thanks for sharing!

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