The Joy of Remembering

I grieve for our son, Jon. The sense of loss can be as great as when he first passed away. There are days when this grief takes its place among the other aspects of our life.

Grieving is a lifetime process with its hills and valleys, its good days and its not so good days. I speak from my personal experience. From my professional hospice experience, I have watched and guided families through their dark times of loss, but could not totally relate to their grief.

We can relate and empathize with each other’s grief, but not to the depth of that grief. He or she was your husband or wife, not mine. He or she was your son or daughter, not mine. The depth of your relationship to that person was yours, no one else. Only you know the depth of the loss, the pain, the grief. I offer you my deepest sorrow, knowing your sorrow goes much deeper.

As the days change into months and months into years, so, too, will your grief change. One day, without realizing it, you will find that your sorrow has turned into the joy of remembering.

~ Today,  we will visit the place where Jon’s ashes were scattered…and we will remember ~ May your memories linger always.


6 responses to “The Joy of Remembering

  1. Bonnie: Thank you for writing so personally about your grieving experience. Sending hugs to you and Butch as your remember Jon especially at this time and every day.

  2. May your day of “turning” be a day of peace. Shalom

  3. Hope you were able to see the joy even while sorrowful. ((Hugs))

    With Hope,

  4. Thank you for your comforting words. it is starting out to be a “not so good day”.

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