Tracings in Ink


Tracings in ink on fragile thin paper,

Thin lines telling stories of forgotten times.

Smudge here and there showing haste of a moment,

Forgotten memories found between the lines.

After one passes, there is much of their history to be found in letters and papers they leave behind. Sorting through their personal items brings forth new thoughts and old memories; a letter written long ago, a childhood keep sake, a check stub, an old drivers license, ticket stubs, a lock of hair, etc. Personal treasure that continue to tell a story of one no longer here.

“May your memories linger always”



One response to “Tracings in Ink

  1. All of the little keys of our loved one’s life are so precious…to know them a little more through what was important to them, or the truth of their heart through letters and writings. These things live in our hearts forever.

    This knowledge should also open our minds to the evidence of our own lives…what would our loved ones find if we passed away today? What would they see was imporatnt enough to hang on to? What books, movies, “stuff” would they find? Would those things be a true testimony of where our “treasure” lies?

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