A Childhood Comfort


It doesn’t take much to threaten the comfort and security of a small child. A clasp of thunder or a bolt of lightning can send them to their father or mother. Though the storm continues, there is comfort to be found in a parent’s lap.

As adults, we tend to lose sight of a childhood fear, a “once upon a time” in our life. We are now the strong, the brave and our children come to us. We are the comfort for them. We are the parents.

When a loved one dies, we all need comfort. We find comfort through are family, our children and our friends. We find comfort in our memories. We wish we could hold them and hug them once more. We wish…

One of the ways to find some comfort, some outlet for the tendency to want to hug them once more is through a childhood object that brought much comfort to many children, a bear. A Memory Bear made from the loved one’s favorite clothing is a therapeutic comfort for children of all ages, a memory bear to hold and hug.


2 responses to “A Childhood Comfort

  1. Thank you, Maxi. Your thoughts make it all worthwhile.

  2. When I had “David’s Bear” made (the one on the left) it was the best thing I did after the loss of my husband. He sits near me as I write this comment, comforts me when the pain is too much, makes me smile as I relive our wonderful times together.

    Bonnie, your Memory Bears are a wonderful way to a path of healing.
    blessings ~ maxi

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