One of Those Moments

Grieving is loving. It lasts your lifetime. Someone says to get over it…get past it. Lovingly ignore them. They mean well, but it’s not their grief…it’s yours.

Part of grieving is remembering moments…birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Each year…each moment, we remember. Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of Jon’s death (our son). We recently visited the place where his ashes are spread.

For each of us, there are moments when the separation from a loved one seems harder than at other times. For me, tomorrow is one of those moments.


4 responses to “One of Those Moments

  1. My husband and I both lost our dads in December many years ago, and every December we still struggle. To say one “gets over the loss” is a lie or denial. It was one month yesterday since we buried “Granny” and I stil go in her room each day just to feel her presence and make peace with 2 years of loving care. I feel a bit like a “ship without a rudder” now that she’s gone.

  2. A neighbor said these very words to me just yesterday. It hurt to hear them.
    My prayers are with you and Butch today. How can a mother not mourn the loss of her son … ever?
    blessings ~ maxi

  3. May God bless you and your family through your memories. He will always live in your hearts.

  4. Bonnie, hugs for you and Butch tomorrow and always. I have never understood the term ‘get over it’…it has no place in grief. Much love to you all.

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