The Difference

Grieving is very painful for all who lose someone they love, but for those who lose a child, the pain of loss is even greater. For those who have, you know; for those who haven’t, here’s the reason why.

A child or young adult dies and leaves so much life unlived. Anniversaries of someone’s death, birthday, etc are tough enough without wondering what they would be doing now. What career would they have chosen, who would they have married, etc.

It is normal in grieving to recall anniversary dates, but to only be able to imagine dates that might have been is the worst pain of all. Those who have lost a child know this all too well.


One response to “The Difference

  1. It is said that when one loses a parent, they lose their past; when one loses a spouse, they lose the present; when one loses a child, the lose the future.
    I cannot imagine how painful that must be for you. I am so very sorry.

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