The Pain of Remembering

Memories come with a price, which may not be evident at the time. Then, one day, a person that we have made so many memories with is no longer here. Now, we face life without their presence and all that remains are the memories.

Now, these memories are laced with the pain of loss…of grieving and we find remembering painful. We want to get rid of the pain, yet we want to remember. For the first time, we realize that memories come with a price…for with the pain of loss comes the pain of remembering. It is not a pain to turn away from, but gradually learn to bear as we remember.


One response to “The Pain of Remembering

  1. I know if is an old cliche, but time does heal. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. I do still have my “mommy moments” where I tear up but they don’t last as long as they used to. God bless you, Mrs.Bonnie

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