Learning to Grieve

The pain of losing someone we love can be overwhelming as the sense of loss brings a loneliness we have never known before. At first, numbness insulates us from the reality of the moment. We do not have to think…only mourn.

As the days and nights go by, this numbness subsides, and the pain of our loss brings a conscious reality to each moment. We begin to think… “How can I go on?” Remorse sets in…something said…something unsaid.

Daily motivation is hard to find…the tendency to “drift” lies within us. “Why should we care” comes to mind. Anger, hurt, guilt, a sense of hopelessness can lead to depression…we can go from “functional” to “dysfunctional”.

Grieving is a reality for all of us. We cannot escape the moment, but need to learn to live in it. We need to learn to grieve. Learning to live with the pain of loss is very difficult, but necessary because the loss will always be there.

You begin by getting up each morning and putting one foot in front of the other. Start small with daily tasks, but start. Then, keep on going through the pain and the tears of loss. Each step will get easier, each day better than the day before.


5 responses to “Learning to Grieve

  1. The pain is all I know … it has continued since the moment I lost my beloved David.

    Stay busy, talk to “Bear” (he is up there on the left) … that’s how I keep depression, guilt and all negative emotions at bay.

    My granddaughter needs me, I have to go on.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. The last several posts were such blessings.

  3. You have a compassion that is true of someone who loves Jesus. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. You have such a gentle wisdom to share. I sure am glad I found your blog. I mentioned you and your husband and the little memory bears, made with love, in the article that will be going to press in January’s issue of Mortuary Management magazine.

  5. Like the old English Poem: Do the Next Thing.

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