With Age Comes a Greater Appreciation

When we are young, life is new and exciting and we have yet to learn to “stop and smell the roses.” As we get older, the business of raising a family and earning a living absorbs our life. We slowly begin to see the importance of memories as we take photos and identify possessions that belong to the family, both present and past. Then, when the kids are grown and the career is over, we find more time to think about the past, for there is more of it than the future.

In the process of aging, we find a greater appreciation of the present as well as the past with its memories. We discover that some of the past is lost because now we have questions that cannot be answered and moments never recorded to memory because we did not have much focus or appreciation. Now, as the wrinkles set in and our days grow shorter, we understand that with age comes a greater appreciation. It now appears true that “youth is wasted on the young.”


One response to “With Age Comes a Greater Appreciation

  1. So true:-) May God bless your day!

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