For Today

012Yesterday, winter’s artic air wasn’t noticed as Butch and I sat by the fire while I gave some memory bears their final touches. My cousin and our friend Sondra stopped by to visit and made our day even cozier.

We talked as cousins do and caught up on family and friends and all the seasonal news and events. Butch and Sondra reminisced about their high school days together and caught up on current news about classmates.

As the day passed by the warmth of the fire, we enjoyed the time we had to spend together. Chili was the perfect lunch for a winter’s day. We shared memories of yesterday, the blessings of the day and our hopes for tomorrow.

Then, all too soon, it was time for our friend to return to her home. Hugs and well wishes for the coming days were exchanged. We never know what tomorrow may bring, but for today, we were blessed with each other’s company by the warmth of a winter’s fire.


One response to “For Today

  1. This was beautiful, warm and inviting as one should reflect upon our blessed days given by the Lord. Thank you for this great reminder Sister Bonnie.

    God bless you,

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