The Gift of Time

After our son was diagnosed with cancer, I had some time to spend with him, one on one. We talked about many things; we watched TV and made it interactive, as we tried to guess what was going to happen next. Sometimes we just sat, no words spoken.

It was during this time that Jon picked out the clothes he wanted me to use to make the memory bears for his family. He knew who he wanted to get this bear and that bear. When this happens, memory bears become even more personal.

I look back on the gift of time I spent with Jon and smile. I am thankful for those days, those moments. They are bitter-sweet memories I carry with me.

The gift of time with those we care about is ours for the moment. We never know when the moments will end. Let us make the most of it while we can.


2 responses to “The Gift of Time

  1. Thanks for sharing this Bonnie.

  2. Truly precious…God bless all these dear bears, the wonderful work of your hands…what a wonderful, wonderful ministry!

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