The “Once Upon A Times”

~ ~ ~

Our tears, like the rain, fall gently on the gardens of our memory.

The sun of days gone by warms our thoughts from long ago.

Breezes carry the voices of our loved ones as whispers in our hearts.

Echoes of better days from the past follow us wherever we go.

 ~ ~ ~

The “Once upon a times” follow us through life as one day turns into another and the past widens behind us. There is always “The good old days” when we were young and in love, when our children were at play, when our parents were there to find comfort in and when everything seemed just about right…

“Once Upon a Time!”


One response to “The “Once Upon A Times”

  1. The past widens yet it seems just a breath behind us…where does that time go? So much I wish to have just a moment or two of it back…

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