Those Special People

Every loss is a lifetime event for there can never be anyone to replace that special person; that loved one in our life. Though we have other friends; though we may have other children; though we may re-marry; though we may have parent-like people who care for us… we will never be able to replace that one special person that, for a little while, was in our life.

There are many special people in one’s life…each one unique from the other…each a “one of a kind.” Treasure their memory, but more than that, treasure those who are still present in your life. Let them know that in your eyes, they are very special people.


2 responses to “Those Special People

  1. And it is because of each loved one’s unique quality and special mark left on us that I believe we are all a part of a much greater, grander scheme.

  2. This is an opportunity for me to tell you how very special you are to me…you are my “Earth Angel.”

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