Memory Bears Is Going To The Dogs

When you read the title, you may get a negative impression or you may just be curious as to what is going on. Well, I am going to solve your curiosity and let you know that there is no negative…only a positive.

Grieving is a matter of the heart and personal loss takes many forms. The grief of losing a companion of many years is hard. The daily expectations and routine change for there is an important part of each day missing.

A child grieves for a pet and begins to experience and understand what it’s like to lose someone you care about. The child grows up and becomes even more acquainted with grief. Then, one day, this adult, once a child, faces a familiar loss…one experienced many years before…the loss of a pet.

I am honored to fulfill a request for a Memory Bear in honor of Elvis, a beloved pet and companion of many years. The family grieves as much as anyone can grieve for the loss and heartache is real…as real as the daily presence of a dog named Elvis, who became family.

2 responses to “Memory Bears Is Going To The Dogs

  1. I wish my cats that have passed had some sort of article of clothing that I could have had made into a memory bear. I miss them sooooo much. I love this honoring of the four-legged family member.

  2. How sweet! I remember how my oldest, who was 13 at the time, cried when his cat of 10 years died. He had the cat from age 3. He didn’t remember not ever having the cat. It was a good lesson for him and his siblings for they lost their granddaddy, my dad, just a few months later. I believe losing the cat first help to prepare them for this loss.

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