There is a Length to Our Days

On any day, go to the obituary section of a newspaper. Hopefully, there is a picture of the deceased with their obituary. Read someone’s obituary and focus on the person’s life. What were their hopes and dreams…their  disappointments and their successes.

Focus on their family listed; did they have a good relationship with each one; were there things left unsaid…left undone. Did they make the best of each moment or take the time in this life for granted? Are their memories peaceful or tainted with regrets?

As you lay the paper down and go on with your day…your life, think about your obituary. Will, one day, someone pick up a paper and wonder if you were happy…if you made the best you could of your time in life; if, at the end, did you have peace or unrest?

For each of us, there is a length to our days. We don’t know how long or how short that may be, but we can live each day the very best we can. We can make good use of the time given us…we can strive for peace of mind and the least amount of regret possible. The outcome is up to each of us.


One response to “There is a Length to Our Days

  1. Hopefully we can all learn to live our lives for Jesus and people see His joy through us.

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