Learning to Grieve

A young child is introduced to grieving when their dog or cat died. Though death may not have been fully understood, the fact that their favorite pet wasn’t going to be there anymore was a real sense of loss. All of us can look back and relate to these moments.

As we go through life, death takes on a greater meaning and the sense of loss runs deeper. We begin to realize that death and grief will be part of our life from time to time. We learn that with loving someone is the possibility of losing that someone. We choose to love and dare to grieve. In the process, we find ourselves the better for it.



One response to “Learning to Grieve

  1. Learning to grieve is difficult. Many times people do not grieve. My friend calls it putting on a bandaid so you don’t have to deal with the pain. I’ve done it by getting another dog right after losing one. Losing my mom taught me, painfully, how to grieve and the importance of grieving. Now that I lost another dog, I am grieving for him and waiting until I have healed to get another dog.

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