Everything Will Be As It Should

I am sitting here with a cup of coffee watching the morning’s activity outside my window. Mothers dropping their kids off at the baby sitters; children walking to meet the school bus; joggers and walkers passing by; traffic increasing as people head for work; squirrels playing in the yard; everything is as it should be on this morning.

Later, I will start working on the memory bear orders, each one representing a family who has lost someone dear to them. My thoughts will be about them and about Jon. I will think about how fragile life is; how there is togetherness one minute, then grief the next. I will remember to make the most out of the life I have this day and to appreciate those that I care about…while I still can.

This evening, looking back on this day, I will hope I have lived it the best I knew how. I will hope that my thoughts and my words were kind and that I did what I could to make it a good day. If the Lord is willing, I will sit with a cup of coffee in the morning, watching the activity outside my window. Once more, everything will be, as it should.


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