I Gave Up on Him…

Holy Ghost Bumps

alone_man-1440x900 On the way to the park, Emma says to me, “Daddy…I hope there will be other kids there so that I have someone to play with.”  She’ll walk around the house with her dolls in her hands talking to Mia…”If you’ll just come back, Mia, I’ll let you play with my favorite toys and I won’t get mad.”  She comes up to me at random times and asks, “Daddy…can I go out on the porch and talk to Mia?”  Whenever she sees a butterfly, she chases after it calling out, “Mia!  Mia!  Come play with me!”

I was sitting in the living room the other day watching Emma play in the sun room.  She had all her dolls out, and she was playing out each individual role.  They laughed.  They got mad.  They were happy.  I was heartbroken.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  How am I supposed to…

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4 responses to “I Gave Up on Him…

  1. And thank you, Denise…very much.

  2. Thank you for the reblog, Bonnie…

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your painful loss. My heart is heavy for you and your family. Of all the possible places to look in order to make your pain lessen, God is the only answer. He’ll wait patiently until you are able to receive His comfort, no matter how long it takes. This past Wednesday marked 27 years since my youngest, Elena, died. I hold to the Word which promises I’ll see her again one day. May you be able to work on your new normal one day at a time.

  4. ❤ Xx

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