Are Your Affairs in Order

Are your affairs in order? A question that is asked more and more these days, a question for each one to consider. It is usually considered a task pertaining to the elderly, those who by the natural process of life are closer to life’s end.

Consider for a moment the consequences of a death without any will or instructions regarding estate or the way one wants to let go of life. If there is no hope for getting better, would you want to be hooked up to machines that keep you alive?

What about your estate? It doesn’t have to be large. Who gets what…don’t you want your wishes known? What about funeral arrangements? There are details to be considered, payments to be made; will you leave that for your grieving family… won’t they have enough to do?

Thoughts and responsibilities to consider while you can.


One response to “Are Your Affairs in Order

  1. As a pastor for 28 years now, I’ve repeatedly said these same things to my congregations; yet most people never seem to heed the advice.

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