I Wonder Who They Were

His hands were wrinkled and worn from years of hard work. The paths of his life were etched on his face. His eyes spoke of disappointment and sleepless nights. His breathing was shallow and with effort. His lips were dry and parched with nothing to say. As night gathered in, his time would soon be here.

In the obituaries, there are volumes of stories that remain untold to those who did not have the honor of knowing them. Some of the pictures posted are show wrinkled paths of many years upon this earth. Other photos are of a youthful time when their journey on the path of life had just begun.

All one can do is wonder about who they were, what were their dreams and hopes and how much those left behind are grieving and feeling the pain of loss.

For each one of us, we will have our moment in the paper. Someone will see our picture and, perhaps, wonder who we were and how our life went. some of our photos will show the age and some the youth. For each of us, someone will grieve.

The obituaries are the one moment we cannot escape. Make peace with that time and life your life the very best you can. Let someone who wonders know you lived well the time given you. Make good memories for those we leave behind.


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