For a Moment


The other day I thought I saw you at the park where you used to play. For a moment, it seemed you were here, that it wasn’t just a dream. Then I realized it wasn’t you, no matter how much I wanted it to be you…it wasn’t. You are gone and I hate that. Reality is something I must accept. Heaven knows I’d rather pretend nothing changed, that everything was still the same. That you were here once more to make me smile.

It is so hard to lose someone, to say goodbye. For a moment, it seems easier to deny reality and pretend everything is the same; that nothing has changed. There will be moments when you could swear you hear their voice or see them in a glimpse. For a moment, you hold your breath and hope. Then, you realize that it is only your heart remembering and wishing they were here once more. You smile, remembering.


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