If I Had Known


If I had known how quickly life goes by,

I would have paid more attention.


If I had known how fleeting time can be,

I would have lived in the moment.


If I had known how soon we’d say goodbye,

I would have held you closer.


If I had known how much I would care for you,

I would have loved you sooner.


“If”…is a big word. “If” is a reflection on how it could have been…what you could have done. It seems there is always room for improvement when looking back. Perhaps there is…perhaps not. Perfection is not available in this life.

All too often, grieve can cause you to feel that you could have done better. Maybe so…who can say? Focusing on what you could have done serves no purpose. Your loved one is gone…what’s done is done. Focus on and remember the good times…the love shared…the laughter…the tears…the imperfection of you.

“If” can only have meaning in the moment. By this I am saying, you can focus on the loved ones who are still here. What “If” they were gone. What would you do better? This is when “If” has meaning…when you can do something about it.


2 responses to “If I Had Known

  1. I can really relate to this. After my mom died, there were a lot of “what ifs” for me. I didn’t change anything. It just increased my feelings of guilt and sadness.

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