Good Medicine for a Grieving Heart

     Memory Bears are like “teddy bears.” The uniqueness of the memory bear is that it is created from your deceased loved one’s clothing. There was a particular shirt or jacket or maybe a blouse or dress that your loved one wore and when you want to reach out and remember them, you find yourself holding and hugging that favorite piece of clothing

     As a child, at some point, you had a teddy bear that you snuggled with, gave it a name and considered it your best friend. As you grow older, you are held and hugged by those around you and so, learn to hug and hold others by this example. To hug and be hugged is a personal and comfortable moment, a moment when all is as it should be.

     There comes a time in your life when a loved one passes away. The death is hard to deal with. All of a sudden, life is not as it should be. There is an overwhelming sense of loss that appears unbearable at the time. Grief begins…a grief that will never end. With time, you learn to accept the loss and the grieving slowly becomes a part of your life. Eventually, you are able to smile through the tears. As more time passes, you smile through fewer tears and remember the one you will always miss and never forget.

     During this process, a memory bear can help ease the pain and loss as it becomes a familiar object because of the clothing it is made from; perhaps a shirt your loved one always wore. You find comfort in holding the bear and find yourself hugging it as you remember your loved one.

     Memory Bears are proven and effective during the grieving process and for the remainder of your life. When a memory bear is placed in anyone’s arms, no matter what age, male or female, they instinctively hug it close to their heart. Memory bears are truly, “Good Medicine for a Grieving Heart.”

“May your memories linger always”


One response to “Good Medicine for a Grieving Heart

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful ministry.

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