How Do You Say Goodbye

In this life we meet and form friendships and life long commitments. We live each day with the assurance that we are not alone. We have friends, a spouse and family. They are an important part of our life. Each day, they are there.

Then, one day, death takes a friend; a spouse; a child. Now, someone is missing from the comfort and security of your everyday world. It is not by your choice. It has come time to say goodbye. But, how can you…it’s not what you want.

How do you say goodbye? Reluctantly, you let go, but don’t consciously say goodbye for that would be accepting the fact that your loved one is no longer here. So, how do you say goodbye? It happens through the process of grieving…it happens over time…you begin to accept their absence in your life…you slowly let go, knowing that, in a different way, they are always with you in your heart.


2 responses to “How Do You Say Goodbye

  1. Death is an essential part of living. Unless one feels so deep in another and committed, love is merely a convenient word to relate two persons. After the first flush of romance love means sharing working every day and it is unlike the fairy tales in which the boy and the girl lived happily ever after. Life, love and death are to accepted as our means to reach our utmost potential.

  2. Our loved ones live on in our memories.

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