The Seasons of Your Grief

Seconds become minutes; minutes become hours; hours become days; days become months and months become years; so goes the passing of time.

New grief is like the seconds…ever so slowly turning into the pain of the minutes and hours that you remember with your loved one. Eventually, the hours of painful loneliness turn into days of recalling those yesterdays together.

Sooner than you realize, the days become months and the months, years. Your pain of loss has become part of your life; your memories, part of each moment.

The seasons of your grief become a reality as you smile through your tears… remembering moments in time as you turn the pages in your album of life.


2 responses to “The Seasons of Your Grief

  1. It’s amazing as the years go by how fresh the memory can be, yet some not as painful as they were at first. How you can smile and know it’s ok.

  2. Planting Potatoes

    well said – God bless!

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